Inspired by the elegant intersection of sophisticated fashion and mindful intention, Charlene Tang produces delicate and storied designs that weave authenticity with tradition and culture. Molded by the romantic musings of travel, we seek to develop interconnectedness through passionate and meaningful experience.

It is in the pursuit of expanding our inner-selves by looking outward, celebrating the diverse yet affiliated world, that Charlene Tang excites new possibilities of craftsmanship and luxury.


The extraordinary potential for discovery blossoms in exploration and the pursuit of purpose. There is a mysterious harmony imbued into the luminous contours of life that is shared by all people and places. By opening ourselves to the intricate beauty nestled in every moment, we become aware of the compassion and connectedness discover brings. Luxury is not the unattainable; it is living curious and brave. 

Designed For

Designed for those who ceaselessly chase life with fervent passion; for the free-spirited and opened-minded believers; for the young at heart and always inquisitive; for everyone who ventures toward tomorrow with excitement and empathy; this is Charlene Tang.

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