Discovery is rooted in pushing boundaries—growth is ignited by a first step. There is a mysterious harmony woven into the luminous contours of life that is shared by all people and places. By crossing the borders in ourselves and the world, we jump into the potential of life—experiencing compassion and connectedness in the freedom exploration brings. Luxury is not the unattainable; it is living curious and brave.

Charlene Tang Brand

Charlene Tang embodies an authentic sense of style, constantly reaching for meaning in the simplicity of genuine passion. Inspired by the spirit of travel and the adventure folded into the unexpected, we believe in embracing the creative energy that moves through us all. It is in the pursuit of expanding our inner-selves by looking outward, celebrating the diverse yet connected world, that Charlene Tang seeks to excite lasting and meaningful experiences.

In the same way that we hope to discover sublimity through exploration and appreciation of simple beauty, our pieces are created for free-spirited and opened-minded believers. Designed for those who chase life, each piece we create in Los Angeles captures and expands the senses. Leaning on both the structure of tradition and the motifs of contemporary design, this is the evolution of luxury. From our journey to yours, this is Charlene Tang.